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Matteo Fallica Fallica من عند 66040 Fortunati CH, إيطاليا

matteofallica, yeah that is all I've got on this one. Didn't hate it, but it was....different.


It's official. I am a Nelle Harper Lee fangirl. I want to find her apartment in New York and hang out with her, talking books and writing. But since she wouldn't appreciate yet another stalker, I'll try my luck with the pre-approved method: I'll write a letter addressed to her in Monroeville and hope for an answer. If you loved To Kill a Mockingbird, chances are, this biography of its author will cause you to react the very same way. The book makes Nelle feel like a beloved friend, which is quite amazing, considering that the author of the bio didn't even get to interview her personally. Instead, he gathered information from people who knew her at the various stages of her life, from college classmates to Monroeville townsfolk to fans who've actually managed to make contact with her. Between that, research into the notebooks kept by Nelle and Truman Capote when they worked on In Cold Blood, and previously published work on both writers, this bio is a respectable work of scholarship that's also entertaining. My favorite chapters were on the making of the movie and Nelle today, but the overall effect of the book was to make me appreciate one writer's process, particularly the difficulties. The question of why she never published again is analyzed at length. The book also makes it clear why both Nelle and Truman Capote were among the greatest writers of the 20th century. To borrow a concept from Malcolm Gladwell, they put in their 10,000 hours as kids, collaborating on original stories on a used typewriter given to them by A.C. Lee, the real Atticus. The portrayal of him is interesting, too. I recommend this book to anyone who loved To Kill a Mockingbird, but you also need to have read In Cold Blood to appreciate it. Nelle and Truman had a rocky relationship, but I'm convinced that neither would have achieved such greatness if they hadn't been a team: Truman for his drive and ambition, Nelle for her stabilizing influence, and both of them for being intelligent oddballs in a tiny Southern town, left to their own devices to entertain themselves.